Live Joyously Necklace

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Eckhart Tolle presents readers with an honest look at the current state of humanity: He implores us to see and accept that this state, which is based on an erroneous identification with the egoic mind, is one of dangerous insanity.

Eat That Frog is a simple method to prioritize your work. Simply put, evaluate what needs to be done, prioritize, and then don't stop till you finish the most important one. Repeat.

3 CDs of instruction for using hypnosis to reduce your appetite, increase your metabolism, remove emotional barriers, and more—plus an “emergency” session to instantly deal with cravings.

17 inch gold plated chain with two charms - a heart and a key - and a waved coin engraved with "Live Joyously."

10 % of all proceeds go to

Dove’s Self Esteem Fund

Developed to help free the next generation from self-limiting beauty stereotypes. Committed to reaching 5 million young women by the end of 2010, the Dove Self-Esteem Fund invites you to play a role in supporting and promoting a wider definition of beauty.

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Author, Don Miguel Ruiz, offers simple strategies for you to be more effective personally, emotionally and professionally.

An insightful book based on going beyond your personality and becoming a multi-sensory human being.

Be present in what your doing each moment. The Power of Now will have you on your way to being enlightend.

What you focus on expands. This book teaches you to focus on ways to create money and attract abundance.

When you become more aware, you’re able to live in your personal power.

These are all products Anna has used on her personal journey to success. She strongly recommends the following:

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