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For the past 15 years, Anna has worked with individuals and professionals providing a wide range of support to challenges to develop both the inner game and the outer game.  


Are you looking o enchance your performance, or that of your managers or leaders, contact us for a coaching consult.

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Anna Goldstein 

Anna is an NYU Certified Life & Business Coach and Author of, Be Bold; A Guide to Unbreakable Confidence. She also is the Host of the Profit with Purpose Podcast. With her shoot-from-the-hip style and keen gift for zooming straight to the heart of any issue, Anna has made her name helping clients live a more fulfilled life. Anna has been featured in, The New York Observer, Time Out New York, SHAPE Magazine, and Marie Claire and has been a guest speaker on Sirius Radio and Martha Stewart Living.

Her coaching journey began when she was 9 years old and went to tennis camp. The coach called her mom and said, “You have a tennis player in your hands.” Anna began competing and playing tennis tournaments. She quickly realized how the ‘mental game’ impacted her performance. No matter how much she practiced when she worked with a sports psychologist, she learned visualization and other focusing techniques. Soon after her results improved and she became a nationally ranked tennis player.


As a student of Psychology, Meditation, Buddhist Philosophy and Iyengar Yoga, Anna integrates these practices into her coaching style. Mindfulness techniques and the science of the mind are used throughout the coaching engagement. 

She is devoted to continuously learning new ways to improve our minds and loves being a witness to others’ growth. She believes tansformation is the coolest thing ever!


Her mission is to build self-awareness and empower people to live happier more fulfilling lives. 


Ready to take the next steps? Schedule your complimentary 30-minute coaching session with a Self in the City performance coach today!

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